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Seller's notes about this domain is a great redirect domain that can be applicable to many upcoming trends. With the help of AI, drones, and robotics, any medium- or large-scale farming operation will become computerized over the next few years. Artificial intelligence will analyze historic data regarding crop yields, weather, crop prices, and previous years’ balance sheets of the farm. The computer will then combine the historic data with current measurements of rainfall, soil chemical composition, and market conditions of various crops. Powered by this vast amount of data, an analysis will be presented to the farmer for optimum results. Upon approving the computer’s recommendation, the computer will then execute the action using drones and robots to carry out the various farming tasks. Farmhands will be a thing of the past. At some point, the human factor will be completely superfluous to the equation. This glimpse into the future is both scary and exciting.

Cyber agriculture can also refer to small scale operations where AI assesses your plants and determines an optimal care routine. It will then send you notifications when a task needs to be completed by you. Everything else will be handled by AI.

Buy today and be prepared for the future of farming.' ( solar and mate)

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